CRAMBIS Group is a strong and efficient team of chemists, physicists, agronomists, and breeders who united in 2014 to accelerate the introduction of crambe oil into the Russian cosmetology, perfumery, and medicine. We invest our efforts, money, and hearts in the development of high-yielding varieties of crambe that produce high yields of oil seeds with a unique fatty acid composition in the Republic of Bashkortostan.

We have proven beneficial effects of crambe on soil. This plant is an excellent soil improver and can be used as green manure. Unlike other Cole crops, crambe is hardly affected by pests or diseases. In terms of crop rotation, crambe is a great alternative to spring rape, white mustard, and oilseed radish.

Thanks to us, the Russian producers have learnt that the unique fatty acid composition of crambe oil makes it an ultimate ingredient of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Our efforts helped ensure the introduction of crambe oil into moisturizing, nourishing, and restoring face and body creams and sunscreens with UV protection. Crambe oil is used for restoring strengthening shampoos, balms, masks, hair dyes, and decorative cosmetics.

Five years of hard work of our plant breeders and significant financial investments have been crowned with success. The STATE COMMISSION of the Russian Federation has registered our own plant variety CRAMBE САНМО®. Day after day, grain to grain, this variety was created, incorporating the maximum plant- breeding achievements of Russia, Europe and the United States.

Why is this needed?

In-house plant variety is a guarantee. Ensuring that each grain contains the maximum range of components beneficial to your health. The technology we have developed will allow you to carefully extract and preserve the gifts of nature.

With love, Group of Companies Krambis