Crambe oil is widely used in the manufacture of cosmetic products:

  • Moisturizing face and body emulsions
  • Face and body care products (revitalising creams for dry skin; smoothing and nourishing day creams for sensitive and oily skin; makeup removers)
  • Decorative cosmetics (waterproof mascara; eye liners; eye shadows; foundation creams; blushes; balms; lipsticks, lip glosses)
  • Face and body oils (eyelash strengthening oils; tanning and aftertan oils; massage oils)
  • Hair care products (shampoos; damaged hair restoration products; conditioners for brittle, damaged and tangled hair; serums for damaged and unruly hair; styling products)
  • Body creams (lotions; aftertan creams and balms; emollient hand creams; after-depilation soothing creams)
  • Cosmetics for men (oils for moustache and beard; after shaving products).
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